The Benefits of Flexible Working

A lot of workers have had a crash-course in home working over the last few months as the country has been gripped by the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. Lots of companies that have never fully explored home-working as an option for their employees before, have had to quickly provide the infrastructure to do so and manage the business remotely.

This has been an interesting exercise in how home-working can provide more flexibility in work schedules, but we’re getting to a point now where the downsides and disadvantages of home-working long-term can rear their head.

Here at Hyde Park House, we’re passionate about how office-working, home-working and flexible solutions can go hand in hand. We believe that there are lots of positive health and wellbeing benefits from office-working, aswell as working from home and that’s why we offer innovative solutions.

Office Working

At the time of writing – September 2020, the government is encouraging people to work from home again if they can. This means that lots of office workers will be back in their spare room or parked at the kitchen table once more!

At Hyde Park House, we have serviced offices, e-spaces and meeting rooms with coronavirus protocols in place to protect all of the businesses we work with. You can take look at the precautions in place , which include social distancing details, enhanced cleaning processes and every other action we’re taking.

When you do need to come into the office, you can feel confident and safe. And we think that in general, office working is a really beneficial part of a work pattern. Being able to collaborate, share ideas and just chat can really help someone’s mental health and wellbeing, especially if they’re spending time at home and working without chatting to colleagues a lot of the time or a solo business owner.

Having a clear distinction between work and life and keeping a balance is advantageous aswell – people can switch off more when they leave the office, as opposed to if they’re working at home.

Working from Home

Being able to work from home is also a positive addition to working life and can be part of a good blend of working styles.

Making the environment as comfortable as you want to be and having an element of control over it can be liberating. Productivity levels can also go through the roof if you really get into the zone and aren’t distracted by people watching or conversations in the work kitchen!

Working from home can be a nice break from the hustle and bustle, as your commute is turned from a stressful hour train journey into a casual walk downstairs after a longer lie-in!

Whatever lies ahead in the future for your business, the flexible options we have in place means that business owners can have the best of both worlds and enjoy working in an office and enjoy benefits of home working too, without the commitment or costs of doing both completely.