A Work Community is more important than ever during Lockdown, here’s why

Here at Hyde Park House, we’re open for business and our covid-compliant protocols mean that all of our tenants are able to work in their office spaces as and when they need to.

It’s unfortunate that the UK’s gone into a second lockdown, but what we’ve learnt from the first one is that community is really important and being able to interact with people can help to boost health and wellbeing.

With more people working from home than ever before, it’s been a really interesting experiment on a mass level into the future of work. The packages that we provide give people the flexible option to do both, which can be great when you’re starting a business or don’t need a large office space – one thing’s for sure, collaboration and socialising in an office can have a positive impact.

Friendly Face

Working from home can have its perks – being able to head to the fridge whenever you want without judgement and unlimited pet contact, but there are certainly ways that it can be limiting and distracting too. And it can be isolating, even if you live with family or friends, it can feel lonely when you’re not interacting with people and colleagues like normal.

We have covid-secure protocols in place and that means social distancing measures, but we think that even being able to walk into your office space and see a friendly face on reception or in the corridor and have a quick chat can work wonders. Even if it’s just a chat about the weather or what on earth’s going on with covid-19, a bit of different social contact outside of your immediate household can be really beneficial for mental health and wellbeing.


Even being around other people that are working can have an impact on your productivity – seeing others getting on with the job and focusing can have the same effect on you. It can be easy to get distracted at home and end up daydreaming more than you usually would in an office when you’re dressed for work or in work-mode.

Also, an office environment can make you concentrate more – if it’s a bit too comfy at home, you can be a bit too relaxed, which is nice, but being in a work environment can get your brain properly engaged with the task at hand!

Part of Something

Feeling connected to others and part of a community can be difficult in a lockdown, everything feels a bit disorientated and jumbled. Normal routines can go all over the place and it can throw off your schedule and way you like to work. Being able to keep something secure and constant during changing times can feel positive because it’s something within your control.

Our Hyde Park community is strong, encouraging and we’re always looking to help others out where we can – the fact that we can stay open and be a space where people can work and stick to some sort of routine while building and protecting their business is a privilege.

We think keeping constants where we can and preserving some normality is especially important at the moment and gives everyone a bit more stability.

For more info about our office packages and covid-secure protocols, get in touch with our team at Hyde Park House today!