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How to Work from Home…Productively!

Here at Hyde Park House, we offer flexible solutions for businesses, which is especially useful in a rapidly changing world of work. One of the perks of our Virtual Office package is that you can reap the benefits of a professional business address while working at home and not spending extortionate amounts on an unnecessary […]

New Year, New Office?

January is prime-time for budding entrepreneurs to start new businesses. There’s something about the festive period in general that gets people reflecting on what they want to do in life and the direction they want to go in. ‘Launching a new business’ seems to be a very popular new year’s resolution, especially as job roles […]

How Collaboration can Boost your Business

As a growing start-up in its early stages, any help you can get to boost your business and take it to the next level is more than welcome.  Connecting and crossing paths with other entrepreneurs can be invaluable, in terms of practical help and advice too. The trouble is, if you’re working from home or […]

How to be more Productive

We live in distracting times – there’s a whole range of things that can buzz, ring and capture our attention when we should be concentrating on something else. It feels like the world is always ‘switched on’ and that means that there’s always a chance you can be emailed at all hours and contacted 24/7. […]

The Social Impact of Working in an E-Space

Let’s face it, working from home or on your own for most of the time can get very lonely. There are lots of benefits to branching out as a freelancer or a start-up, but missing out on the social side can have an effect over time. That’s why looking at renting out an office space, […]

How to Keep Costs down when Launching a Start-up

Setting up a business is an exciting time, but it’s obviously going to be costly too. Professionalising your brand, marketing your services and finding people to help you with launching a business all takes sensible budget management. There are lots of ways that you can keep costs down – one of the main mantras to […]

How Startups can Boost Productivity with Co-working Spaces

We’re living in a start-up boom and business owners have lots of fresh, innovative ways to grow their business. Co-working spaces and virtual offices are popular ways to subvert traditional office culture and provide more flexibility. This can really suit a young business that doesn’t want to make big investments yet and wants to minimize […]

4 New Ways to Tweak your Productivity

It’s a new year, which means making and breaking lots of promises to yourself about the long-list of things you’re going to change in 2019. But you don’t have to break them and one of the key things to remember is you don’t have to start trying to move mountains – small tweaks to your […]

3 Quick Ways to Professionalise your Start-up

Setting up your business and everything that comes with it can feel like you’re moving at a million miles a minute – it’s tough out there. Your to-do list is probably growing at an alarming rate by the second, so taking a time-out to think about your strategy is very welcome. While there’s no universal […]

The Advantages of an Office Space

Starting your own business from scratch is a daunting prospect and most budding entrepreneurs will find themselves working from home or even out of their bedroom in their humble beginnings. It’s a cheap way to save costs on overheads, especially if you’re ecommerce based or and need your laptop to work from. But there comes […]