Hyde Park House – Covid Secure protocol

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact on our daily life, we at Hyde Park House have developed our own Covid-secure protocol to help keep our customers and visitors safe as they arrive at, move through and use all the amenities in and around the Busines Centre.

We will continue to monitor both Government and World Health Organisation guidance and therefore the following protocols are subject to change.

Hyde Park House Prevention Measures & Protocol

Hand Sanitising stations

Hand sanitisers have been installed at all entry points to the building, on each landing, at the entrance to the lift (to each floor) and Coffee Lounge entrance. Each meeting room has individual hand sanitisers at each seated position.

Reception Area

There are screens around the visitor waiting chairs and Reception desk & personnel are fully screened to protect visitors and staff.


We would ask tenants and visitors to if possible, to use the stairs but if this is not possible then please use the lift by following the social distancing measures in place.


All corridors have dedicated safe passing points and are clearly marked to help adhere to social distancing.


Highly effective hand cleaning soap is provided, and we have adapted a one in one out use of the facilities.


Again, we have a one in one out system in place and there is a staggered peak time usage. We do also ask that all sink & work tops are left clear.


Signs are installed throughout the building outlining the threat of the virus and the new working protocols that are now in place.

Meeting Rooms

All meeting rooms are fitted with (PPS) Personal Protective Screens to each seated position along with individual hand sanitiser to each seated position and a one-way system is in operation. Beverages are served in sealed plastic bags and drinking water is in plastic bottles.


All deliveries are now held in the Reception area to prevent delivery drivers moving through the building, all tenants will be advised of any deliveries.


When visitors arrive at Hyde Park House , they will be asked to follow the safety protocols that are in place, including social distancing and use of the hand sanitiser. Where possible, we would ask visitors to remain seated in the Reception area until the tenant can meet and either go to their office, meeting room or to one of the break out areas.

Breakout Areas

The seating has been marked for single occupancy, where it is safe and space permits Perspex screens have been fitted.

Office & Common area cleaning

All cleaning staff will wear face masks and will sanitise their hands before entering each office. Cleaning will take place as normal with extra treatment to all touchable areas.

Enhanced Cleaning

Additional cleaning is being carried out throughout the day concentrating on touch areas.

Meeting Rooms are cleaned and sanitised after each use, we also treat the room with the latest technology Ozone Generator which eliminates 99% of viruses, including all the hard to reach areas. Should a tenant’s office suite need additional enhanced sanitisation this can be arranged via the Business Centre Manager.

Clinical Waste Bins

Yellow clinical waste bins are installed in all office suites and meeting rooms for the safe disposal of face masks, tissues, gloves & disinfectant wipes.

Coffee Lounge

The coffee lounge is operating a full take away service of all beverages, hot & cold sandwiches, salads, pasta pots, cakes & crisps etc. There is a fully screened one-way queuing system in operation, plus the counter area is fitted with Perspex screens. Card payments are preferred.

The staff serving will wear a face mask and will apply hand sanitiser before attending to each new customer.

Health & Safety – Risk Assessment

There has been a full Health & Safety Risk Assessment prepared for Hyde Park House and its operation which is available on request