Launching a Business? Why you should consider a Virtual Office

Covid-19 has created an abundance of questions and shifts in every economic sector. The seismic shocks caused over the last few months will be felt for years to come and one pressing aspect up for discussion will be the new opportunities to change the way we work.

You might have recently launched a business and envisioned renting out office space/premises – this could have been put on hold or you could be reassessing whether you need to have a physical work space at all.

Here at Hyde Park House, our Virtual Office package can offer a savvy bridging solution while you strategize:


Budgets are under pressure in a range of industries and one of the biggest expenditures for many businesses is their office rent and the operational costs that come with it. Being able to communicate and manage your employees remotely, whilst enjoying the advantages of a professional business address, mail/call forwarding and call answering could be an ideal solution.

A Virtual Office package can be a really cost-effective alternative to signing long-term contracts for office space that can be a big risk for your business, especially when you’re just starting out and especially with the challenges that covid-19 is posing to companies up and down the country.

Professional Image

If you’ve decided to hold back on renting office space for your business and employees then that doesn’t mean you have to hold back on forging ahead and professionalising your business. You could be worried about using a home address but being able to refer clients to a business address and list it online as your premises gives people an instantaneous reaction to your business – having a more professional image will conjure up more trust in the authority of your business.

Having a business address via a Virtual Office is a simple and effective way to change the perception of your company.


Not everyone is comfortable with listing their home address as a business address, especially when you’re plastering it online, putting it on invoices and generally making it visible. Having a professional business address creates that distance between your clients/customers and your business. Virtual Offices are a great way to preserve and protect privacy, whilst communicating a message about your business…and ensure that clients don’t turn up at your home!


Renting out an office space can make a massive dent in your budget, especially if it’s for image purposes or to access certain facilities. You don’t have to make a big commitment and rent out a space in order to benefit from facilities such as meeting rooms. A Virtual Office package at Hyde Park House enables you to use the meeting rooms on-site and book them out for client meetings as and when you need them, instead of paying over the odds to have a rented space that provides that all of the time.

This is another great way to professionalise your business by having facilities that do the job for you.

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