The Social Benefits of Working in an Office

There are lots of benefits of working from home/remote working which many people will have experienced over the past couple of years, but with restrictions beginning to ease again in the UK, the benefits of working in an office again are put to the forefront. The social advantages and impact that being in an office environment can have on a person’s health and wellbeing have the potential to be substantial.


The most obvious benefit of being back in an office environment is the connection that you can have with colleagues and employers. Being in a communal space where people are collaborating and helping each other on projects can bring a feeling of connection in an office space, which is a really important social feedback loop for people to be a part of. 

Interacting over remote communication tools is all very well to get essential information across, but it’s the inbetween moments in the kitchen or the corridor where people can have a chat about something outside of work that can lead to a new creative idea.


One of the things that makes life interesting is the spontaneous events and conversations that occur. It might not be at the top of people’s list of priorities, but the chats that you might have with a coffee shop owner, someone you wait at the train station with or the delivery man at work can be ways to feel more connected to the world around you. Sometimes you might not even know these people’s names, but the interactions you have could cheer you up and vice versa. 

Formal organised contact with people you know is obviously what predominantly occurs most of the time, but the spontaneous meetings and conversations with people when travelling or in an office can be where you gain new perspectives about things or illuminating conversation.


Being part of a community, whether it’s in your office or a co-working space, is one of the key pillars of good mental health and wellbeing. Feeling as if there are people you can exchange friendly words with or have the benefit of being in a team with, helps to make people feel happier and healthier. It’s one of the themes that has always run throughout human civilisation! People need other people and being in groups gives people roles and ways to contribute. Whether it’s just having a friendly chat or leaning on someone for advice.

An e-space in a co-working office can be such a good way to dip in and out of this feeling of community as and when you need to. You have a collective shared experience by being part of a co-working space with others, so that’s a community of sorts.

There are so many other social benefits to working alongside others, if you’d like more info or advice about your own e-space, get In touch with our experienced team at Hyde Park House today for any questions or queries you might have.