The Pros of Hybrid Working

As we all get more comfortable with heading back to the office or workplace, we have to acknowledge that it’s still a difficult time for many and will take time to get used to after such a long period of remote working. 

We’ve been through a crash-course in working from home over the last couple of years and employers and employees alike seem keen to take lessons learnt and create a more hybrid way of working. The good news is that now we’ve had intensive practise, everyone is much more adept to the types of ways of working and environments that promote good hybrid working conditions.

So, what are the pros of hybrid working and how can your small business or start-up approach it?


Every organisation seems to be coming up with their own new ways of working, which is great because it adds some much-needed flexibility into discussions. And the heart of these discussions can really be about what’s best for the employers and the employees. Things like childcare, caring responsibilities and commuting time can all come into the equation and the opportunity for more flexibility is well and truly on the table.

With flexibility around time spent in the office, it provides more flexibility for workers’ and their personal lives. This also expands the talent pool for employers because if a hybrid model is on offer, then there’s not as much pressure on employees to live as close by as would normally be expected. If they only need to commute a couple of days into the office then they might weigh things up and live further away.


As an employer, it can be a great idea to keep hybrid ways of working for a number of cost-effective reasons. One of the most strident is the impact on mental health and wellbeing – many studies have shown that a happier workforce is also more productive. Giving employees greater control and freedom over when and where they work can make them happier and more positive employees, especially if employees have personal situations that require more flexibility. This is great professionally and personally and could lead to a more profitable company in the long-term. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Hybrid working can be a great way to improve diversity and inclusion in your company. People that would have been excluded from the workforce previously, such as people who find it difficult to work in office-based environments, have caring responsibilities, high child-care costs etc can all now be recruited back into a talent pool that can be more accommodating of their needs. This can unlock lots more talent and skills. 

If your start-up is interested in having a truly hybrid model then let’s talk. Here at Hyde Park House, we offer Serviced Offices, E-Spaces and Virtual Office options for our clients, so you can choose what works for you and your employees while enjoying the benefits of a physical space for meetings and collaborative working.

To talk through your options, get in touch with our friendly team at Hyde Park House today.