The Benefits of a Virtual Office for Start-ups

As a start-up, you’re in the perfect position to experiment with working styles that work for you, your employees and your business. The covid-19 pandemic has shown that there’s an openness and enthusiasm for new ways of working and lots of office-based workers seem to be keen on a hybrid style approach.

Keeping costs low and attracting the best talent are a couple of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a start-up, so having agile work options helps to make your early days as a start-up as smooth as possible.

Low Overheads

Physical premises and a bricks and mortar office is one of the biggest overheads your start-up will have, so if you can take this cost out of the equation, you can keep costs low from the very beginning. Commercial space rent, insurance, furniture etc are all big financial outgoings, so if you can choose a virtual office model, you can side-step this issue.

Attracting Talent

When you’re looking to attract bright, talented employees, they’ll also be looking for what you can offer them too. This is especially the case with new graduates who will find working for a start-up an appealing option, because of the new and creative ways of working you can offer, particularly a focus on a more digital-first style where they can work from anywhere.

A virtual office is also more inclusive for people that want to work different or unconventional hours, or who need to take breaks because of childcare or other caring responsibilities. These people and their talent might sometimes be locked out of traditional job markets, so you can attract people who are keen on how your start-up functions, because it suits their lifestyle.

You can encourage your employees to work on the terms they want to, agreed together, which can end up with them being more productive than they would be in an office and can lead to a happier team at the same time.

Going Green

Physical office space obviously increases your start-up’s carbon footprint too, so you can improve your green credentials by being more energy efficient and reducing it for your start-up. If your employees are usually all commuting in by car and adding to emissions then you can remove the need for this too with a virtual office. Not only are you helping the planet and being more environmentally conscious, this can be a good way to attract talent and a PR win.

Presence when you need it

One of the best things about a virtual office is that you can access facilities as and when you need to. If you need to meet clients in a professional environment or want to have a meeting with your team, you can use meeting rooms on site at a service like Hyde Park House. We have meeting rooms and conference rooms that our virtual office customers are able to use, we provide businesses with a professional business address, mail forwarding and receive weekday deliveries too.

For more information about the business and office packages that we offer, get in touch with our team at Hyde Park House today.