4 Productivity Hacks

Whether you’re working from home, popping into the office or both, there are loads of simple productivity hacks you can implement into your schedule to improve your working patterns and maintain your motivation levels.

Obviously, the best one is to always ‘just get on with it’ and probably ‘stop reading this article’ but there some genuinely useful tips that are great for clearing your mind and concentrating on the task at hand. With so much going on right now, we think this is especially important to master!

Let’s take a look at a few productivity hacks you can choose from:

Limit the To-Do List

One of the key points of a to-do list is to make it achievable. When you ask some people, they’ll say ‘oh I’ve got a to-do list as long as my arm’…well, that in itself is a problem! If you keep on adding things to your list then no wonder you don’t feel like you’re achieving or getting the satisfaction of achieving.

Making a manageable and realistic to-do list at the start of the day allows you to get the satisfaction from quick wins and a couple of bigger tasks. Start small with a few actionable points that won’t require 28432 hours in the day to complete them. Use an app or pen and paper to keep on track and most importantly, tick off your tasks when they’re done.

Sleep Hygiene

Getting a good night’s sleep is the solution to a lot of problems, in particular if you’re looking to improve your productivity. Traditional sleep patterns don’t work for everyone though and some people are much better working at night rather that first thing in the morning.

It’s about working out when you have the most energy or when it’s natural for you to sleep or be tired and working your schedule around it. A pretty good rule is making sure you get between 7-10 hours sleep a night though.

Email Pause

One of the most distracting aspects of work is feeling like you’re always behind on your emails and constantly having to reply to a stream of requests without actually doing any of the things you need to do. Emails can completely sap your time and energy, so one of the best tips is to pause your inbox, turn off your notifications or reply to your emails at the end of the day.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal if you’re in a role that requires constant communication, but if you can afford to pause your inbox and get on with other tasks then it’s well worth doing. It also creates some healthy boundaries, where people you work with or clients can expect you to reply, but in a reasonable amount of time, not instantly!


Clear your desk or your work-space and you’ll probably find a massive difference in how you approach your work and how you feel in that space. De-cluttering your desk can de-clutter your mind and give you a fresh approach to tasks. Try it!

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