The Rise of Hybrid Working

Over the last year, we’ve all had to get to grips with new situations and ways of working. For professionals that would usually be in the office, home working has become the norm and adjusting to the challenges of this has been a test for everyone!

Now we’re, fingers crossed, approaching some semblance of normality in the next few months, a return to the office will be on the cards. But has the way that we work changed forever – it’d be difficult to find a complete agreement in views about home working, but one thing’s for certain, there will be some people that have enjoyed the benefits that home working brings, but will also be keen to get back into the office and have a chat in the kitchen and be around work colleagues.

With this in mind, are we heading for a rise in hybrid working for good?


Being able to offer creative solutions and flexibility to your employees when you run a small business could end up being the difference between them staying with your company or moving somewhere else.

Here at Hyde Park House, we’ve always been perfectly positioned to give small businesses a fantastic array of options. Whether that’s facilitating a way to bring hybrid forms of working to your employees with flexible office space and facilities, which mean you don’t all have to be in an office 9-5, every day or flexibility for freelancers that want a break from home-working.

A running theme that we can only see growing in the future is this desire for companies to offer flexibility to their employees. This could be a really attractive pull-point for new talent and can help to foster an ethos that has employee mental health and wellbeing at the heart of it. It’s also a really family-friendly approach to adopt – whether it’s employees with young children or carer responsibilities, this can keep them in the workplace and not side-line their career aspirations.


The overhead costs of office space can be massive and it can be really difficult from a strategy point of view to know exactly when and how it’ll be worth it long-term as an investment. You can’t be as agile with your business if you have costly overheads or pivot when the business changes and you need to react.

Having a hybrid model can help to manage these costs, especially in the infancy of your business, when you need to keep your budget as slimline as possible. We’ve got Serviced Offices, E-Spaces, Virtual Offices for our business community and we also offer meeting room spaces, so that our clients can benefit from fantastic facilities when they need to meet customers and make connections. We think that these options can really help you to grow your business in the early stages and also offer your employees flexibility and make you stand out from other competitors in terms of retention and recruitment.

For more info about the options available to you, get in touch with our team and we can chat through our packages for businesses.