How to Work from Home…Productively!

Here at Hyde Park House, we offer flexible solutions for businesses, which is especially useful in a rapidly changing world of work. One of the perks of our Virtual Office package is that you can reap the benefits of a professional business address while working at home and not spending extortionate amounts on an unnecessary physical business space.

Working from home can be a really effective option for business owners to explore, but if you’re not used to doing it, it can take some getting used to. Especially if you’ve always worked in an office and are used to being around others.

Let’s take a look at how you can maximize your productivity when you work from home:

Set Ground Rules

If you head into working form home with a cavalier attitude then you might end up disorganised and stressed out. Setting ground rules for yourself and putting a routine together can help you to create more structure to working from home. If you’re going to be working around the clock and checking your emails in the middle of the night, you could end up burning out, because your leisure time and work time can easily start blurring into one when you work from home.

Find what works for you and be strict with yourself – decide when you’re going to have breaks, your lunch etc and try to give your brain some incentives to work towards. Make sure you can limit distractions aswell – for example turning your personal phone off. Having clear guidelines helps you to maintain that important work-life balance. Using time-tracking apps is useful too.

Morning Routine

There’s always going to be a set period of time before you start doing any work, so whenever and however early this is, make sure it’s setting you up to be productive. Whether it’s having a healthy breakfast, going for a run, walking the dog or just chilling out and listening to the radio – try to chill out and relax before you tackle the day ahead.

Leaving home before you work from home (jog, gym, walk) can give your mind a good way of creating a sense of separation and doesn’t make it seem as daunting to spend the day working inside.


Try and work out when you’re most productive and have the highest energy levels and aim to do your most focused work during this time. Some people are night-owls, others can get more done in the morning – maximize the time when you’re at your best.

Look into different methods to help you work, such as the Pomodoro Technique, which looks at focused bursts of work time. Use a timer and work intensely for 25 minutes and then have a break for 5 and repeat. If it doesn’t work for you, try something else!


Working from home for long periods can be tough and feel lonely, but with our Virtual Office package, we let you use our meeting facilities, so you can organise meetings with colleagues or clients. When you can, we’d recommend doing this, because it can break up your experience of home working and nothing beats face-to-face contact with clients – don’t do everything from home.

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