Creating a Safe Environment for Work

We’re living through incredibly challenging times, with every area of society and every single business sector being affected on some level by the coronavirus epidemic. Continuing to work or run a business has been a difficult task, in a time where it feels like everything is rapidly changing all of the time.

Along with these new difficulties comes a lot of thoughts about the future and how we will all work – what will the ‘new normal’ look like. A lot of people have been working from home for the first time and this will give a lot of businesses food for thought about how flexible they can become with how and where employees will work. And most importantly, how they can do this safely if we’re living with the coronavirus for a long time.

Here at Hyde Park House, we’ve always offered packages that suit a business model that prioritises flexibility and choice for business owners and employees. We think this will become even more important in the next few years.

We will continue to provide safe, flexible options for our tenants and businesses and here’s how:

Health and Safety

There’s no doubt that creating better hygienic practices and improving access to sanitisation products in working premises will be one of the best ways to help keep people feeling confident and healthy at work. Our offices have sanitising stations for visitors to use and we encourage them to do so, along with clinical bins for people to dispose of tissues, gloves and wipes to limit the spread of potential infection.

Our offices are always thoroughly and professionally cleaned, but we’re taking even more precautions and ensuring that surfaces, keyboards, door handles, banisters, switches, lift buttons etc are sanitised, especially in kitchen and bathroom areas too. And we are asking our tenants to do the same and keep their work areas clean.

We’ve put personal protective screens in our reception area and we’re putting screens between desks to limit face to face contact and in meeting rooms.

We’re encouraging as much social distancing as possible, with one in one out policies for the lift, kitchens and bathrooms – and 2 metre distance generally when moving around the premises.

Anyone who becomes ill and it’s thought to be Covid-19 must inform the team and we’ll take necessary precautions.

Virtual Office and E-Space

We’ll continue to encourage our tenants to incentivise employees to email/text/call rather than face-to-face contact when they can and keep up flexible working arrangements.

The most flexible packages we offer for running a business, especially right now are our Virtual Office and E-Space packages. This means that our clients can enjoy the benefits of having professional work addresses, a professional telephone answering service, mail forwarding, the ability to use on-site facilities, but none of the pressure of taking on a large-scale office space and the flexibility to use facilities when needed.

Choosing one of these packages provides the flexibility that we think a lot of businesses will be looking to benefit from in the future – and you can right now.

For more information, get in touch with our team today.