The Social Impact of Working in an E-Space

Let’s face it, working from home or on your own for most of the time can get very lonely. There are lots of benefits to branching out as a freelancer or a start-up, but missing out on the social side can have an effect over time.

That’s why looking at renting out an office space, an e-space at Hyde Park House, can satisfy the social side of working life. It’s the perfect way to bridge the gap between working remotely, but still having a community to be a part of.


One of the best things about an e-space is the fact that lots of other freelancers and start-ups will be using the same space as you. This automatically gives you a new pool of businesses to network with and chat to – if you’re a designer or a copywriter for example, you could have a set of new businesses to help out with or offer mutually beneficial services to.

You can bounce ideas of other like-minded businesses and generally network with professionals that can offer you advice about the local area or general business tips for growing your service.

Work-Life Balance

Working from home can mean that your work and personal life become blurred. It’s so easy to end up reaching for your laptop to carry on working during your ‘down time’, that’s if you have any down time at all! If you work at home, there’s a temptation to always be available to work and always available for calls and emails. This can end up taking its toll on your own wellbeing but also the wellbeing of whoever you live with. Having a distinct line between work and play means that you’ve got more time to focus on you and your self-care, which will make you more effective when you do work.

An e-space gives you that divide between the professional and personal – you can say to yourself that you’ll have set working hours in your shared office, which gives you time to switch off at home and get on with other things.


An e-space also gives you the chance to receive support from a shared office environment. You can ask other businesses about any specific advice or processes, but you can also receive the support of Hyde Park House. You can use meeting room facilities to accommodate face-to-face client meetings in a more professional environment or use it for seminars and training. Obviously gives you a good social option for closing a deal or lead generation.

Social Events

Sometimes you just miss having colleagues to go for a drink with after work. A shared office space gives you a great chance to make some friends and add a social element to your work life that you might have lost from going solo or starting a business. Like-minded people you can chat to about non-work things is a godsend when you’re working and want to have a break and you don’t have to gossip about office politics because you’re not part of the same business! Win-win.

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