The Advantages of an Office Space

Starting your own business from scratch is a daunting prospect and most budding entrepreneurs will find themselves working from home or even out of their bedroom in their humble beginnings. It’s a cheap way to save costs on overheads, especially if you’re ecommerce based or and need your laptop to work from.

But there comes a time when working without your own designated work-space can become demotivating, disorganised and start to affect your business progress.

Accessing your own office space can bring lots of benefits – let’s take a look at a few.

Professionalise your Business

Working in an office space instantly professionalises your business. It’s easier to get into work-mode and start taking yourself more seriously as a business. You’ll be able to use an office address to register your business, which allows customers and clients to see a professional face to your business when they search for you online.

Professionalising your business helps to professionalise the image you have of yourself and your personal brand – give a boost to your productivity and efficiency with the right surroundings.

Work-Life Balance

Not having a dedicated office space to work from can affect your work-life balance as a growing business. There are lots of hours to put in as a start-up, so drawing a line between when you’re at work and at home is important for your own mental health.  It’s also important for everyone that you live with, so they know that when you’re home, you’re available and truly present in conversations

Being able to say that you’re only going to start working when you’re using your office space is a really good way of separating work and play. Otherwise, your home-life starts to be affected if you’re constantly answering emails and calls – you’re never quite switching off.


Using your home address to register your business and list it online can have an impact on your privacy. Anyone and everyone will be able to access your home address which means that theoretically customers or clients could turn up unannounced if they have an issue. For your privacy’s sake, registering your business with an office address gives you that privacy and protection.

You can also have lengthy phone conversations and meetings in an office space that might be more difficult to engage in at home. Kids, pets and partners can be distracting, so setting aside your calls and communication for your office space allows you to remain undistracted and stay focused on the task in hand.

Organise your Business

Documents here, documents there; keeping all of your important business literature at home, without filing systems etc can mean that when you really need something, it takes hours to find it. Having an office space allows you to organise your documents and run your business in a more efficient, neat manner. There’ll be lots of things you need to keep on top of, so make life easier for yourself with better organisation and a physical space that you can organise in.

If you’re interested in your own office space, give our team at Hyde Park House a call today and we’ll chat through your options.