How to Professionalise your Freelance Business with a Virtual Office or Meeting Space

One of the biggest drawbacks of setting up a home-based business or freelance service is that sometimes you can be restricted by your lack of office space. It can feel like you’re not a ‘serious’ business yet. And using your home address as your business address is an idea not everyone’s comfortable with.

Taking your freelance business to the next level doesn’t mean you have to immediately hire a load of employees and rent a massive office space – it can be much simpler than that.

Renting a virtual office space is cost-effective and helps you to craft a professional brand identity. Here are a few more ways that it enhances your business:

Location is Important

Let’s face it, people are very judgmental. They’re especially judgmental when they’re choosing who to work with, so don’t be surprised if potential clients will Google your work address to find out where you’re based. Now, not everyone will care if you work from home, it’s increasingly popular, but it could give your business less legitimacy in some people’s eyes.

A virtual office allows you to register your business in a modern, forward-thinking office space. You can do everything from sending out invoices that include this address to registering your virtual business address on Google Maps.

Enhance your Corporate Identity

Your brand’s corporate identity is a fancy way of describing ‘what people think of you’. The ethos, values and purpose of your brand are wrapped up in your corporate identity and having innovative virtual office space gives you a positive and professional identity.

And this isn’t just relevant when you’re trying to secure clients. Sometimes banks and lenders can be funny about working with home-based businesses and giving them credit. Having a virtual office could mean you’re entitled to more benefits and that you’re meeting compliance demands.

Impressive Facilities

It’s not ideal to have meetings in your Mum’s house, so having a meeting space available is recommended when you’re a freelancer working with clients or delivering workshops. Meeting spaces let you meet people in a professional environment and you’ll have all of the facilities that you’ll need to create a comfortable space.

If you’re delivering a presentation or need catering options, a meeting space gives you a formal hub to meet clients in and provide that extra bit of customer service. You’ll have access to office equipment and fewer overheads in the process.

Business Expansion

When you’re just starting out, it can be exhausting trying to do everything, all the time, on your own. Virtual offices can provide you with that extra helping hand to help you make progress in the long-run. Mail forwarding, call screening and other clerical assistance can be taken care of by professional virtual office staff – leaving you to work on other priorities. You won’t have to deal with the expenditure of hiring full-time staff for your brand and there’s less risk involved too.

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