Giving your Start-up an edge with Virtual Office capabilities

When you’ve just launched your start-up business, it can be tough to establish a more professional, corporate image for your company straight away. This is especially true if you’re working out of a home address and you haven’t got your own office space yet.

Virtual Offices offer the perfect solution for fledgling start-ups. Without having to lease an expensive physical office space – you can use a virtual office to instantly professionalise your brand identity and give your start-up the kick-start it needs.

Let’s have a look at how one of our Virtual Offices at Hyde Park House can legitimize your business and provide you with an affordable alternative.

Professional Business Address

When you’re passing on your business address to employees or including it in your invoicing material, being able to use a business address instead of a home address can help to improve your image.

Your clients might decide to check you out on Google Maps etc, so having an office space can give your start-up some instantaneous business credibility. Working from home is completely acceptable, but if you’re creating a start-up that is relying on a strong, corporate-style image then an office space helps to promote that.

We can forward your mail to any address too.

Meeting Rooms

In the early days of any business, you’ll be striking deals, pitching, networking and getting your name out there constantly. If you can easily set-up meetings and have a facility that you can use to meet your clients then you’ll boost your business credentials.

At Hyde Park House, our Virtual Office packages include use of our meeting rooms with flexible booking types for all of your business needs.

Managing Calls

If you’re a young start-up company or self-employed then you’ll have a lot on your plate when you’re establishing yourself. You might be taking on every responsibility, so having a Virtual Office package that included a call managing system is integral to your business growth if you’re on the road, in meetings and pitching, meaning you can’t always answer enquiries.

We’ll manage and forward your calls and take messages too – meaning that you can get back to your clients and potential clients when possible.

You’ll have your own dedicated 0161 Manchester number, or any other area code of your choice. This is another way to professionalise your business image too.

Administrative Support

With our Virtual Office’s, Premium Plus Package, you can enjoy full administrative support from our support staff.  We’ll provide a professional call answering service, call screening and a message handling service too.

This is a really effective way for you to manage your priorities as a young start-up company and allows you to ease some of your time constraints and apply your focus to areas of your business that need a lot of your attention. Administrative support is a beneficial way to safeguard the foundations of your business and ensure that you’ve got a strong system in place to help your business grow.

Perfect for Start-ups

Virtual Offices really complement the early stages of a growing start-up business and can provide professionalism and constructive support. Get in touch with us to learn more on 0161 367 9000.