Every Start-Up needs an Attractive Meeting Space – here’s why

If you’re a start-up, it’s fair to say your to-do-list is probably pretty big. You have to instantly become a jack of all trades and dip your toe into every element of your business to make it a success. A large part of your early success relies on networking and building relationships.

When you set up a meeting with an exciting contact which could lead to new business opportunities, it’s important that you’ve got a hub that you can meet them in and discuss your ideas. If you don’t have business premises yet or you’re home based – you don’t want to have to hold a meeting in your front room with your dog barking in the background.

So, why do you need an attractive meeting space?

Make Clients Feel Comfortable

Landing a deal or starting a new partnership requires an environment that’s comfortable and relaxing. If you can conduct a meeting in a clean, calm and comfortable meeting space then your meeting will run more smoothly – you’ll limit distractions and professionalise your start-up.

Having a meeting at home or in a coffee shop can be incredibly distracting. For a really important meeting where you need clarity and detail, a screaming toddler in a cafe or the Postman ringing your doorbell can disrupt your flow.

With a meeting space at Hyde Park House, we’ll help your start-up to look good. We’ll sort out catering and refreshments if you need it, provide hi-speed Wi-Fi, video conferencing equipment and everything else you’d expect in a modern meeting space – whatever you need to keep clients comfortable.

Professionalise your Business

If you can talk the talk then that’s great, but we think that being able to show that you mean business can be done in other ways too. Conducting your business and networking in a professional environment sets the tone for your start-up and the rest of your meeting.

Showing plans for your start-up and giving insight can be done in a café, but if you really want to delve into your data and demonstrate your ideas then you need the facilities and tools to do so in an effective way.

We’ll provide your meeting space with:

  • Multimedia projector
  • State of the art video conferencing
  • 60″ LCD wide screen TV with surround sound
  • High speed Wi-Fi connection
  • Whiteboard and flip charts

Build Brand Awareness

Being a newbie on the start-up on the scene can be daunting, so being able to organise brand-building events can be really useful. Having a space where you can confidently network or give an informative seminar can help to tell people what your start-up does and the issues you’re interested in.

Our meeting spaces are perfect for small sessions. We can cater for 14 delegates with boardroom style seating or 20 delegates with theatre style seating, so brand building, workshops and networking are ideal in our meeting spaces.

These types of formal or informal events can introduce your start-up to the local scene and help you to forge credible connections with other business figures.

Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help your business.