5 Life-Hacks for Small Businesses

Launching your SMB is a whirlwind and being a full-time business owner takes lots of time, effort and motivation, so finding ways to make your work-life run more smoothly is essential.

Keeping everything ticking over and boosting your productivity allows you to find efficiencies and more time to work on an ever-growing list of priorities.

Let’s take a look at some simple life-hacks that can help to free up time, money and resources for your small business.

Hire Freelancers

As a small business, it’s a constant juggling act for you and your team to direct an ideal amount of attention to every aspect of your business. Acknowledging that your team won’t have the time to do everything with the same amount of impact and effort is a good first step.

Instead of hiring in more full-time staff, with isn’t always appropriate due to budget, hiring additional help in the form of freelancers can be a great temporary solution when times get busy and you need extra hands. Copywriters, accountants, UX experts, graphic designers – you name it, there’ll be a freelancer available to help manage your business.

Virtual Office

When you’re launching your business, it’s not always possible to have premises or office space immediately. Due to start-up costs, a virtual office could be the perfect solution. When you want to meet with new clients or use meeting space for training up new staff, you can create a better first impression if you have office facilities to use.

Virtual offices allow you to access meeting spaces and office facilities when you need them. You can also register your business at a virtual office so you have an official address that isn’t a home address.

Task Management Apps

Keeping on top of everything and keeping your team on the same page can be difficult when you’re a new small business. Task management apps can help you to track the progress of your projects, stick to your calendar and communicate with your team effectively.

There are loads of apps on the market, like Asana and Trello and they can help to boost your overall productivity, keep everyone in your team accountable and make sure that a project runs smoothly.

Free Resources

Training packages and building skillsets are expensive – there are so many new industry developments and tech advances to get to grips with. Spending your budget wisely is recommended and looking for free training solutions is a good way to learn too. YouTube is an excellent way to start and you can find lots of free resources to get up to speed with new topics. Looking for free training and mentoring in your local community or nearby universities and schemes is worth a look too.

Improving your Profile

Building a small business online means that reviews will be an important part of your success. Customers like to check out reviews before they engage with products or services. A quick way to encourage positive reviews is to send out private surveys to customers and ask for feedback through an easy-to-use tool like TypeForm.

You can then filter and highlight the best feedback from customers and ask them to leave a review on visible social platforms that are relevant to your business like Facebook or TripAdvisor.

If you’re interested in a Virtual Office package for your small business, get in touch with our Hyde Park House team today.