5 Employee Wellbeing Ideas

5 Employee Wellbeing Ideas

It’s never been more important to look after your team, as we navigate the world of work after the vast changes that impacted work/life patterns during and after the covid-19 pandemic. With many people working form home for the very first time – there are so many variables that can affect whether people can thrive in a home working environment, in the office, or a hybrid model.

Supporting your team and ensuring that you’ve put policies and schemes in place to help with wellbeing and mental health should be a key part of your responsibility as an employer towards your employees. Having a happier and healthier workforce isn’t just good for productivity, it’s a basic aim that you should want to work towards regardless of business requirements.

Flexible Working

Allowing your employees to have more control over how and when they work is probably the most beneficial policy you can put in place to improve morale. It shows that you put trust in your employees first and foremost and that you appreciate that there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to your employees.

Being an inclusive employer means that you can appreciate all the different responsibilities and requirements that your employees have in their personal and professional lives. Empowering them to balance these responsibilities with flexible working i.e caring, childcare etc gives them more agency and they’ll be able to be more productive and work at their best in their optimal working timeframe or location.

Encouraging your employees to bond with each other, even when they may work in different locations helps everyone to feel part of something too.


Employees can start to lose morale and enthusiasm in their work when they feel as if they are stagnating in their career. Opportunities for development are important because it means employees can put plans in place for their own career and feel more motivated to reach new goals. They can also learn new skills, which can make them feel more confident in their ability and able to take on and thrive in different and more challenging tasks.


Having regular chats and formal meetings with your employees can help you to check in with them and ensure that you’re aware of any issues and provide solutions where you can. But it’s also about sowing recognition on a basic human level and appreciating their efforts. One of the main ways that employees report they would work harder is if they were valued more and shown more recognition – this can be done in lots of ways, but having conversations, sharing efforts and even just saying thank you can go a long way. 


Giving your employees access to wellbeing tools and creating a caring infrastructure helps them to feel supported when they need it. Having a third-party therapist on board or a mental health professional is a good idea, as well as resources and training on hand, such as mindfulness.

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