Tenant information & what you can do to help….. 

There are common sense practices that we are applying to our personal lives that can easily translate to an office environment.

Maintaining distance, cleaning surfaces, creating physical barriers can help mitigate risk, help infection control & keep your staff safe

Sanitising & Handwashing

Please use the sanitising stations in place throughout the building and encourage regular hand washing.

Social Distancing Procedures

Tenants are being advised to follow the social distancing measures in place

  • One in one out policy when using lift, toilets & kitchens
  • Use the clearly marked passing zones in the corridors
  • One way system in the meeting rooms

Kitchen/Brew Stations 

To help prevent the spread of the virus we are asking all tenants not to leave any pots/utensils in the sink or on the draining board.

Post – We can still fulfil all your postal needs; no contact is needed we have a dedicated desk at the front of Reception where you can leave your mail to be franked without any contact. The post bin is now located under the Reception stairs.

Deliveries – We have stopped delivery drivers from taking items directly to the tenant’s offices to help prevent the spread of the virus. We have set up a drop off area for deliveries under the Reception staircase and would ask that all tenants collect their own parcels. This is to prevent Hyde Park House staff from having to enter your offices while you are on the premises. Should you not be in your office for a day or so we will put the parcel in your office at the end of the day.

Illness – Should it transpire that you or any member of your staff is thought or is confirmed to have COVID-19 to let Vicky the Building Manager know ASAP. This is so the cleaning staff can be informed, and a plan of action agreed with regards to cleaning/sanitising the office.

Keep your workplace clean – Along with the office cleaning already in place from Hyde Park House, keeping your surfaces clean is critically important to mitigate risk and prevent infection this should be foremost in your mind until the virus is under control.

  • Wipe workspace regularly with anti-bacterial spray/wipes
  • Wipe printers/photocopiers with anti-bacterial spray/wipes after every use
  • One workspace per individual
  • Minimise contact – encourage employees to email/text/call rather than face-to-face contact. Remember do not shake hands – the more we minimise contact the more we minimise spreading the virus.
  • Discourage sharing equipment & supplies especially telephone headsets that have been near the face

Air it Out – Open windows to increase air circulation & flow

Working together we will stay safe & maintain our businesses

Working With HPH