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We have a simple goal at Rainbow. It is to help vulnerable children and young people make the best of their lives. Many have suffered different forms of abuse and upset. This has set them back. Their behaviour can be challenging, but we provide support and training to deal with this. This means our amazing foster carers really do transform young lives. Children, perhaps for the first time, can feel hope and not despair. You can do all this! What could be more rewarding? Join with us and give your love and dedication so a child can flourish. We enable our carers to reach their full potential, so our young people can reach theirs.

Rainbow provide support at all times day and night all year round. You are never alone.
Your experience of fostering with us will be simple and rewarding. Above all it will be memorable. Change your future today by changing someone else’s. We would love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us.
Phone: 0330 311 2845
Email: info@rainbowfostering.co.uk